Materialize Your Goals in 2018

Materialize Your Goals in 2018

Materialize Your Goals in 2018 Using Energy Principles

6th Jan | 2 – 5 pm

Life for many of us is a series of winning and losing, success and failure, happiness and disappointment. We all face many ups and downs in life; but if we know how to deal with them, we can go beyond ordinary and achieve success.
To achieve our full potential and manifest our greatness, we need to know how our system works! We are far beyond the physical body. Our thoughts and emotions have power. Our mind is a powerful tool that can pull us down or lift us up. It depends on us how to make use of it.
Since most people don’t know about the different levels of existence and consciousness, they become limited by what life brings to them. Realizing our inner powers and knowing about the universal laws, give us freedom to co-create our future.
In this seminar we will reveal the 5 main ingredients to success!
Manifest Your Greatness Seminar aims at introducing us to our inner powers and energetic anatomy and giving us knowledge and techniques to break our limitations and achieve greater success in life.
Energy Exchange: RM 50


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