Madam Indra Ramamoorthy

Indra Ramamoorthy

Madam Indra Ramamoorthy

Senior Pranic Healing Instructor

A senior disciples of Grand Master Choa Kok Sui teaching in India, Malaysia and Thailand.

Indra Ramamoorthy is an Advance Pranic Healer from Chennai who has been practicing Pranic Healing since 1996 and teaching Pranic Healing since 2001. She currently teaches Pranic Healing in India, Malaysia and Thailand.

She is one of Senior Disciples of Grandmasster Choa Kok Sui. Her aim is to spread Pranic Healing to alleviate the suffering of humanity. She has established Pranic Healing Centers in India, Bangkok and Malaysia. She is currently one of the Trustees of Pranic Healing Trust Tamil Nadu, Trustee of GMCKS Food For Hungry Foundation Tamil Nadu, Director of Center For Pranic Prana Yoga and Self Transformation, Deputy Managing Director of S.S.D OIL MILLS PRIVATE LIMITED, International Pranic Healing Trainer and Practicing Arhatic Yogi for 14 years.


ID Event Name Duration Start Date
AOHS Achieving Oneness Workshop (11-12 Nov 2017) 1 Days November 11, 2017
AOHS Achieving Oneness Workshop (27-28 May 2017) 1 Days May 27, 2017
AOHS Achieving Oneness Workshop (11-12 Mar 2017) 1 Days March 11, 2017
BPH Achieving Oneness Workshop (5-6 Mar 2016) 1 Days March 5, 2016