004 Stand Out

A Seminar to Stand Out & be Different!

“Miracles are fantastic events which utilize hidden laws of Nature that most people are not aware of; Miracles do not break the laws of Nature, they are actually based on them.”

– Master Choa Kok Sui

Life for many of us is a series of winning and losing, success and failure, happiness and disappointment.

We all face many ups and downs in life; but if we know how to deal with them, we can go beyond ordinary and be bold, different and successful.

To stand out, we need to know how the universe works! We are far beyond the physical body. Our thoughts and emotions have power. Our mind is a powerful tool that can pull us down or lift us up. It depends on us how to make use of it.

Since most people don’t know about the different kevels of existence and consciousness, they become limited by what life brings to them.

Realizing our inner powers and knowing about the universal laws gives us freedom to go co-create our future.

Universe operates based on certain laws and principles. We can make use of such principles to build a better future.

The Stand Out Seminar aims at introducing our system from its physical, emotional and mental aspects and provides us with techniques to make use of our innate powers to manifest our greatness.

Discussions on thought forms and inner and outer obstacles are also parts of this seminar.

Prerequisite: None

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