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Meditation comes from the Latin word mediation, meaning “to think, contemplate, ponder” and refers to any practice that helps to self-regulate the body and mind, thereby affecting the mental events and attaining a subjective experience.

Meditation & Yoga

The experience is often described as calming, blissful, silent and of heightened awareness, which are also considered as some of the benefits of meditation.

Benefits of meditation are vast and numerous from reaching a level of calmness and stillness, to opened horizons of intuition and psychic abilities. What benefit you achieve from it also depends on the nature of the meditations. There are many meditations currently available from just simple breathing techniques and chanting mantras to highly advanced Arhatic meditations such as Kundalini and Dhyan. Meditation on Twin Hearts in this case is one of the simple yet very powerful techniques, developed by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui that can bring about tremendous positive changes in you and your life.

Meditation also helps to activate human energy centers, including the Heart and the Crown chakras and thereby helps in achieving peace and happiness and bringing down lots of divine energy into the body. Divine energy has tremendous healing power and can flush out negative thoughts and emotions from your aura.

Yoga however, means “union,” and its purpose is to help the soul unite with the higher soul or higher self. There are many paths to yoga, each having a different approach in achieving a greater degree of union —from physical exercises to service, meditation, and study. Arhatic Yoga in this case, is the synthesis of all these yogic techniques, developed to suit all your needs, allowing practitioners to grow spiritually while having a normal life. Arhatic Yoga is non-religious, non-sectarian and focuses on universal truth.

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